Well, someone is looking at this thing daily, so “Surprise!” a post.
I turned off comments, because I’m just tired of dealing with randos. Yes, I know this is bad way to build a following, but I’m not a leader.

I’m a wanderer.

I wander in thoughts and ideas. These are all outside the BS narratives feed to either side. I rarely agree with myself, how can I agree with strangers?

First, I’m going to put a link here to a Law Review article on the horrors that have become our school system. They are institutions not scholarly havens. I blame making high school open and mandatory. Back in the 1920’s a high school graduate was the equivalent of a masters student today. Shameful. However, in dumping all talents in one bowl, it appears that Downs Syndrome people have been horribly discouraged and with the right mix can have a very decent successful life, not a cog in the medical complex. But, oh, at what cost due to the incompetence of the system. Again, my feelings are a mixed bag.

As are my feelings this weekend as I attended the local chapter of the RWA. Sinking ship, but again my thoughts are complex.

There’s also a dither I have which would be too telling about me. In bland terms, an APA I wanted to be a part of years ago, now would like me to join. I love the idea of creating a zine that’s archived in the LoC. I love the deadlines and accountability. I, however, read the samples with growing sadness. The people I knew well years ago, are still the pompous overblown arrogant asses I massively disliked, triggering some harsh feelings in me. And the realization I no longer have the passion for intellectual entertainment properties which are not my own. If I’d been accepted when I first asked, all wide eyed, I would have loved it. But then, as any Gen Xer knows, you were too young for the Boomers to want to associate with. And now as I read of them dying off…now they want my talent … and of course money. It was all rather depressing as they ranted and stewed in hate. Ick.