Quiet, shhh, I’m typing

I’m quiet, as I decided to do up Nano, that and the computer decided to go “toes up”. So my week was spent with long sessions of reformatting and reinstalling.

This Nano, I’m writing the second half of the first ASSET story. Yes, that up at the top of the page. That’s the storyline which pulls to me more than any magnetic force pulls to steel. (And I’m hearing a very bad 70’s song moaning in the background.)

I did the first part of it two Nano’s ago. This year, I thought it would be easy, because I was starting with a recast of a scene that is a major part of the story, which unlike other aspects, has not changed majorly. But no, it was as much pulling teeth as writing the other scenes.

But I powered through! And that is what Nano is all about.

I’ve, also, decided at the start of the new year to rehost this using my own wordpress site and then I can use comicpress, which is much better for art and story. And that’s what I do; art and story.