Water on Mars!

Running water on Mars! Not just frozen ice, but running water. Or at least evidence points to it.

One must always be careful with scientific discoveries, especially with the wording. Journalists take off on a flash with the idea and leave accuracy in pursuit of click bait. Or maybe I’m just jaded and they get all excited and forget to read for meaning.

It’s still very exciting!

I’ve had two career loves in life; art and math. Indeed they are connected. The Spirograph is a fascinating way to actually visualize and physically interact with curves. The Golden Mean is a mathematical abstraction which humans find atheistically pleasing. The ratios turn up again and again in art.

And yet we are taught to love art and despise math. The layman hears math and runs shrieking to the hills with their ears covered. Laaalaaa! Not hearing you!

I’m considering writing a post on the math of composition. It’s not just art, but ratios that any good artist should not only know, but be able to eyeball.

I straddle between two worlds. You only see one here, but there are influences.

First Page

20150828_scan 3For the first full page we were to do, the instructor passed out copies of Zelazny’s “Half Jack” from Omni. All the words in this belong to him and I do not mean to infringe on his copyright. I think I did a good job of illustrating the first page.

I rather liked the story, and in looking it up, I see it’s not as well received. Indeed, it seems he wrote it to get a story in Omni.

Omni was a slick science fact and fiction magazine. I rather liked it, and was rather sad when it died. Analog had one science article, but I wanted more. At the time I drew this, I’d pick up science books in used bookstores. The wonders of the future always called to me.


20150828_scan 4 For the assignment of creating a caricature, I chose Peter Cushing. His chiseled cheekbones, high forehead, and hawkish nose set him apart from other actors. I decided to do my caricature of him, not of any of his roles. And this despite being a huge Star Wars nerd.

Oh yes, his scene with Carrie Fisher on the Death Star was my absolute favorite in the entire movie. I’d wait eagerly for it, and then it was gone. I’d have to wait for the next showing to get my dose. Now I can pull it up at any time, and since it’s so available, it doesn’t have the same pull.

Sketch 5/5

20150828_scan 7The last sketch I did in the series. Well, it’s the proto-Cavalier Cat. We were instructed to take one of the characters and use it for the assignments I previously posted.

He’s a mismatch of styles. He had himself. Yes, in reality I was thinking of Puss in Boots. It wasn’t my favorite fairy tale, but it worked for comics.

All the sketches in this series were inked with felt tip markers. They were just rough sketches to get a feel for the characters and rough out ideas.

Sketch 4/5

20150828_scan 8This the instructor said was more what he was wanting.

Little Red Riding Baaa Baa sheep! She’s a lost little lamb off to grandma’s house down the road in the woods. Her basket has goodies for grandma. Hopefully a wolf isn’t waiting for her wanting lamb chops for dinner.

Sketch 3/5

20150828_scan 10In response to the request of my instructor, I made a lizard ready for battle. Battle Lizard! he had his little sword and harness.

But this wasn’t enough. I was asked to go even further. I thought about it and decided to go with fairy tale and nursery rhyme ideas.