Yet, Another Delay

I need to scan the rest of the assignments. I haven’t done them in order, I realized. And one of the sequential art pages actually was from a story, and I don’t know who the author was. So I need to blank out the words. I’m also considering moving this theme into ComicPress as eventually, there will be sequential art pages. (Sequential art, how highfalutin! Nay, I say, Nay, forsooth there will be comic pages.) Just a warning that this is still a work in progress. I haven’t started hitting the promotion circuit yet until I get the hang of this.

As for the comicbook class at the community college, I got some nice portfolio pieces out of this class. I wish I could have taken it currently with Tedd Walley. Not that the original instructor was bad or not nice, I needed someone who not only challenged, but knew the business.

I was clueless at the time about the business aspect, which was why I shoved the art on a back burner.

Oh, I went on job interviews, schlepping the portfolio with me. I got a few art related work-for-hire retail jobs; drawing cute images on baskets (Wicker freaking baskets) and pillow cases. But those jobs are few and pennies compared to freelancing gigs. I could have used those business skills and that’s what I hope to tell here; the trips and falls I made along the way.