Well Rested

Scan3The cat has beaten off his attackers. He has escaped the well, and now is taking a well deserved cat nap in the sun. What more would a cat do?

This piece I was really happy with the scene. I had fun putting in all the detail to make the world. Unfortunately, I was running out of time for the deadline, and had to cut some corners to get it finished in time.

All the lines are done by hand with a technical pen and a ruler. All the dots are hand done.

Ding Dong Dell!

Scan2smallDing Dong Dell!

Someone tried to throw this kitty in the well!

This is one unhappy kitty! And he is going to show those ruffians a thing or two. They’ll think again before trying to toss a cat into a well!

While I got a good grade on this, I felt the background came out looking like a theatre set. However, in the last of this series, I was very happy with how the setting came out. What is a cat to do after taking down ruffians? Well, dear reader, that is in the next installment.