The Cat Came Back

cat3As promised to the multitudes out there, the third in the series is available. Catch them while you can!

This piece was inked using a brush. The fur comes out fluffier with the added width to the middle of the line using a brush. I had one brush I loved more than any other. I tried replacing it, but even a more expensive sable couldn’t compare to this really cheap one I had from a paint by numbers set. Not kidding, that thing was a champ. I used it until it lost all it’s hair.

The next assignment was to put the character in a scene. Could we place them, grounded, within a background? My cat is wary, and alerted to some danger! What could it be! Stay tuned!

Cat took a nap

Cat wandered off and took a nap. The next in the series will be up tomorrow night. I do have to scan the remaining two of the assignment. That was to place the character in a scene.

So what do you think Cavalier cat would be up to?