Cavalier Cat Sword in Hand

The purpose of this assignment was to show that we could create the same character consistently. To make sure we could create the outfit in different poses. The reason for anthropomorphic animals was human faces are hard. The focus was on the full figure. We were, also, supposed to ink each in a different technique.cat2

The first was using a technical pen. Yesh, does anyone remember those horrid things these days? They were expensive and tricky to clean. Nothing worse than when the thin little wire within would break and the huge globs of ink would just ooze out. Yet, it was the only way to get a consistent line width. Markers were frowned upon as not ‘professional’ enough for graphic arts. Indeed, the ink inside old markers faded within just a few months.

This kitty is inked with a crowquill pen. This instrument has more life to the line, but is harder to control. The pen is dipped in ink and is threaded through the tip. It’s easy to blot because there’s really nothing to keep the ink on the pen except for surface tension of the liquid. So being startled, or a cat nudgeing your hand, breaks the tension and slops ink all over the piece.

Kitty is victorious in his conquering of the crowquill.