Sketch 2/5

20150828_scan 6I followed that horse up with a different version of the animal. The instructor wasn’t happy with how this was coming out and asked me to anthropomorphize the animal more.

I thought about it. To me animals were animals. I was never a huge fan of the cartoon animals, but I thought I would give the good ole college try. This was college after all.

Preliminary Sketch 1/5

20150828_scan 9I got ahead of myself with the previous art. The class originally assigned us to make five sketches of animals, and to try and make them as characters.

This is the first. It’s a stylized horse. I had fun with the mane and the tail.

Yet, Another Delay

I need to scan the rest of the assignments. I haven’t done them in order, I realized. And one of the sequential art pages actually was from a story, and I don’t know who the author was. So I need to blank out the words. I’m also considering moving this theme into ComicPress as eventually, there will be sequential art pages. (Sequential art, how highfalutin! Nay, I say, Nay, forsooth there will be comic pages.) Just a warning that this is still a work in progress. I haven’t started hitting the promotion circuit yet until I get the hang of this.

As for the comicbook class at the community college, I got some nice portfolio pieces out of this class. I wish I could have taken it currently with Tedd Walley. Not that the original instructor was bad or not nice, I needed someone who not only challenged, but knew the business.

I was clueless at the time about the business aspect, which was why I shoved the art on a back burner.

Oh, I went on job interviews, schlepping the portfolio with me. I got a few art related work-for-hire retail jobs; drawing cute images on baskets (Wicker freaking baskets) and pillow cases. But those jobs are few and pennies compared to freelancing gigs. I could have used those business skills and that’s what I hope to tell here; the trips and falls I made along the way.

Strip Panel

calZanThe next assignment was to create a weekly strip format.

I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just picked a bit from one of the many stories in my head. Again my lettering is far from good, but readable.

In this class, the student had to create the script, the penciling, inking, and lettering. That’s quite a lot for a newbie to be doing.

High School Lessons: Perceptions

In High School, my art teacher insisted I enter a piece in the high school art contest. I was shocked when I came in second. After the event we put on a gallery of all the pieces.

I, alas, do not have a copy of the piece which won second. I sold it, and I was happy to be rid of it. It was a still life that I had learned to hate. There was a wicker chair, a trumpet, a plant — I could swear was growing while we were drawing it, and an assortment of other oddities on a folded canvas drape. I drew that in pencil. Then I was told to go to crayon, so there would be no hope of continuously erasing mistakes and second guessing. The high school didn’t have the best equipment and I got stuck with a dried up crayon to do the piece.

For the gallery, all the art students who entered were docents. I pulled my stool over by my piece. I was curious, as another student had a work close to mine, which I thought was far superior. However mine had a nice ribbon on it. There’s did not.

People came in and people ooh’ed over mine. I watched them see the ribbon and change their opinion, deride the one beside it. One person even told me how mine was so superior to the other. I looked at them blankly, and told them mine was marginal. They said I shouldn’t say bad things about someone’s art. I said, “I can say what I want. It’s mine.”

But the most bizarre situation was when someone decided they were going to talk about my piece. They went on and on about how the light touch with the crayon reflected from the artist the existentialism of life.

I just was astounded.

The reason the color was light was because I couldn’t get the darn crayon to make a darker mark!

One Shot

DCC_onepanelI’ve been debating on putting up this one. The assignment was to make a one panel humorous cartoon.

At the time I was working in the French Quarter. I would often see tourists taking pictures of the homeless. One tourist told me it was the ‘local color’ of New Orleans. I found this idea insane and insulting. However I do see that this can be considered as mocking the homeless man. Perception depends on the individual. I have no control over that. I learned that early with how a piece I did in high school was received.

I know I was mocking the tourist. A tourist who would ignore in disgust the homeless in their own community, but in an ‘exotic’ city he was part of the ‘charm’.

Editorial Cartoon

DCC_editorialThe next task was to create an editorial cartoon. As the nature of the beast, this really dates when I took that class. This was before the Berlin wall fell and a NFL strike was the start of free agency.

I used some mixed tools to work on this one, and broke out the Ames Lettering guide. Whew what an annoying tool that was! And I didn’t do very well with it. I’m so happy for computers and electronic lettering!

Well Rested

Scan3The cat has beaten off his attackers. He has escaped the well, and now is taking a well deserved cat nap in the sun. What more would a cat do?

This piece I was really happy with the scene. I had fun putting in all the detail to make the world. Unfortunately, I was running out of time for the deadline, and had to cut some corners to get it finished in time.

All the lines are done by hand with a technical pen and a ruler. All the dots are hand done.

Ding Dong Dell!

Scan2smallDing Dong Dell!

Someone tried to throw this kitty in the well!

This is one unhappy kitty! And he is going to show those ruffians a thing or two. They’ll think again before trying to toss a cat into a well!

While I got a good grade on this, I felt the background came out looking like a theatre set. However, in the last of this series, I was very happy with how the setting came out. What is a cat to do after taking down ruffians? Well, dear reader, that is in the next installment.

Well, That Didn’t Work

girlwFanAs the title states, that didn’t work. Some issues with the scanner, i.e. I didn’t get to it. But hey, I’ll blame the scanner.

But instead of the adventures of the cat, have a pretty girl waving a fan. Not quite a fan dancer, she’s far too proper for that. But she is nicely on pointe.