Creating 3D Art

This is info I gave out at a local convention. I use a lot of free software for creating art, and for the artist on a budget, it can be very useful.

Free 3D Digital Art Programs


  • Complete Suite: model, render, & animate
  • Powerful


  • Modeling only
  • No need to set up lighting to view model
  • Direct import/export into Daz3d Studio
  • All in one animation and rendering software
  • Modeling is limited
  • Comes with basic characters, clothes, and scenes
  • Many hidden options in the softwareUses pup
  • puppeteer and ani-blocks for animation


  • Creates 3d fractals
  • Stunning backgrounds and environments



  • Many of the same features as Photoshop
  • Can import Photoshop ABR files (Brushes)
  • Does not work with Photoshop ASL files (Layer Styles)


  • Needs X11 for Mac
  • No version for latest Mac OS


NASA Example
  • Spirit – the object and animation in a Blender file
  • Spirit Landing Site – STL 3d Printer file, can be imported into Blender

Paid Software

  • Filter Forge Main site , also, brokered at Daz3d
  • Marvelous Designer (Monthly, Yearly, Permanent)
  • Poser (With the move from Smith Micro, licensing model maychange)
  • Clip Studio (Manga Studio) Can import 3D models forcreating manga/comics
  • Photoshop (Monthly License) Older versions of AdobePhotoshop Elements will work with ASL, but these are EOL for the latest Mac OS.)


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Life and Death

I went to a memorial service of a friend and publisher yesterday. He died with so many worlds and words still trapped inside him.

He was fearless in putting up his own stuff and trying. He was far more talented than I.

I need to be brave. As brave as he was.

Character Creation in DAZ

Back in the entry on strip panel, I had a character in there I call the Cal Cuthain. I’ve been working on getting a character mock up in DAZ3d. I’m still learning how to make my own materials, so I’m using specific DAZ assets.

This is my mock up for her. I hope you enjoy the image.

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 7.13.54 PM


Psst! Does anyone know of a good comics theme that doesn’t have to be self-hosted? I’ve been trying to find one.


I’ve Still Been Thinking

Been playing with Daz3D. This was a light and model with a background I did in Gimp.

This has been interesting, that this took less time than some of the line work I’ve done, but people are more excited and impressed by it.




So much has happened!

First, thank you, We Love These Cats, for liking my sketch 5/5 of my Cavalier Kitty. That really made my day! You post some real cute kitties. Who doesn’t love kitties.

Second, I’m totally gob-smacked! Last spring, I entered a short story into the Writers of the Future contest.  I’ve entered before, but gotten nothing but flat rejections. (Though Joni Labaqui does send a nice little image for the web page.)

I was not expecting this in any way! I had to read the email three times. I had to check the website to make sure I wasn’t confused. But, yes, I won a Silver Honorable Mention! I got me a nice nifty frame for it. Sure, being a finalist or a semi-finalist would have been better, but this … this … well, it feels great!

I was wondering if I was having problems with my writing, or if it was my subject that was causing such rejection. That being said, I wrote this story specifically to be a straight for the market. And it worked!

I’m just in total shock. I, also, am wondering what to do with the little story. I still think it has potential. Quite a lot to think about.